Panda Update

I spend a lot of time testing seo and reading about panda.  There was a panda update.  In fact there have been a lot of panda updates.  Panda is just a filter they are running over the results.  The filter stays for 30 days.  Google constantly updates their results trying to offer better results to their users.  The key to panda is not to worry about any specific update but to make sure your site has unique content.  If you copied it from some place else you will get the panda karate chop.  Delete all scrapped content and add new fresh content and find a few new link partners that have nice sites to link back to you and you will be ok with panda.  The key is offering something of quality for google to index.  With blogs a lot of people typically have blogs with 10 posts and then wonder why it’s not ranked when all the illegal tube sites are ranked above them.  The reason is simple there is a lot of quality content on those tube sites and they are adding massive amounts of inbound links.  Start with quality on your site.

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How To Get Good SEO on Adult Sites

A know a lot of seo guys in adult either are tube owners or bloggers.  A friend of mine has recently come to conclusion that submitting tgp galleries is no longer worth the effort.  He used to make really great money doing that and its been a slow death.  So his new thing is to build a ton of blogs.  He wants 1000 to 2000 blogs.  He came to the conclusion because he had some perfectly designed static sites that are ranking well on the google and he was seeing this mini network of sites slowly become a bigger percentage of his income.  I think one issue in his plan is that he felt if it works I just need to duplicate it.  So he hired a guy to blog for him.  While I will admit that he does have this guy making nice blogs, I think his success rate will be lower using this strategy.  The bottom line any good top spot for an adult site will make you money.  When I say money even a low searched keyword if it is above the fold will make a sale a year.  If you have a good keyword and a good site selling something decent you might see one sale month.  So the question is can you get 1000 sites listed on google above the fold.  I’m going to tell you that it’s not likely if you simply mass create sites.  When I say decent product to sell that really means that the paysite functions.  It processes and tracks sales.  Keep in mind that a lot of sites I dont sell.  I don’t think its cheating as much as technical issues in processing the affiliate sales.


So how do you get good seo on adult sites.  Step one find a good keyword.  Remember you don’t want to go after a keyword that is very competitive.  And you dont want to go after a keyword that gets very little searches.  I have seen some success with 1000 or 2000 exact searches month when ranked one or two.  But these domains also had the corresponding keyword for the domain name with a dotcom, dotnet or dotorg.  If you put a site together with  10 posts.  100 unique words per post and do some inbound links.  The key to solidify the position is to watch once it gets on page one or two of the results.  You start adding additional posts.  These should be the best images.  The kind of stuff that will sell.  I usually think of the first 10 posts as filler.  Then I do things at random.  2 new posts.  Then wait a few days do another posts.  Then the following week I’ll do another post.  Add some additional content.   The other issue I see with solidifying that position is having a low bounce rate on the site. Add more posts and more inbounds until you get to that top position or #2.  Good seo for a site really means lots of content for the spider to index.  The other issue I see is that the site has a low keyword density.  under 2%.  Do not keyword stuff your content.  when I make posts I try to find good keywords for the post title.  You can get some additional long tail.  But having your keyword in those titles does seem to help position.  Remember 80% of SEO is inbound links.   The panda stuff is really looking to get rid of duplicate content.  They are just running a filter over the results to get rid of duplicated content. With these mini blogs it’s tough to say how many updates you need.  But if you are going after a low searched low competition keyword you probably can create and forget and be okay.  The issue seems to be more about the inbounds and who you are competing with.  If you can get a ton of traffic to your blog it would be worth your time to continue to add quality content.  I have seen large blogs with thousands of quality posts get a boat load of traffic.  But that is only when the content is unique.  The industry attitude seems to be blogs should be create and move on.  Not always the best strategy but the only way to go if time is a factor.

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I almost hate to post this on the open internets.  Someone made a post about it on GFY last week and I commented and thought twice about it before I did.  but TGP sites tend to generate more seo traffic than blogs.  In fact my guess is that tube sites are probably the only type of site that will generate more seo traffic than a tgp if done right.  But the question is why would that be?  I believe the answer is simple and logical.  They have tons of content and update daily. But  the real reason I think is


1) Low bounce rate

2) High amount of bookmarkers

3) high traffic levels

My tgps sites are all made with smart thumbs and use FHG.  I bulk import them with alt tags.  And I always tweak them until I see at least a 200% prod from search engine traffic.  The sites that seem to get a lot of search engine traffic tend to have over 5000 hits day.  That’s the pattern I see with them.  Elements of tgp sites that blogs just can’t compete with unless you have a massive really cool blog.

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SEO Facts

I still believe with post panda the most important thing is inbound links.  The quality of those links are very important. In my mind the alexa rank is my preferred metric to determine quality of an inbound link. Number of inbounds to the site linking to you followed by the quality of the content on the site. I wish I had a better way to test this and put a quantitative number on these 3 factors.  But this is just my personal gut instict.

The average top 3 site has 2300 words. So blogs with 10 posts of 100 words each is not good seo.

Keyword in the title is important but keyword meta tags are not.

Description metatags are very important because second only to title because you want your CTR – click through  rate to be high on your listings. Title seems to get you higher ctr along with a great description that get people clicking.

Bounce rate and time on site is important as well as how deep they surf through your site.  This is becoming increasingly important.

Some of my personal opinions updating your site is important.  The average blog updates once per month. Updating should be done at various times.  Not every Monday.

Duplicate content is the first filter to hurt your ranking. I believe a site that has poor layout and tough user navigation is another issue that is affecting filters.  The biggest filter trigger to hurt rankings is too many ads that hurt the surfers ability to actually gain knowledge from your site.  Sprinkle in those google ad words and I believe you will see bad things.  You need to think about the user experience to do good seo.  Offer quality content.  Get users to bookmark your site and return.  This will help your rankings.

Keyword density should be under 0.5%  Don’t use the keyword too much.  Just use it when needed to present your content.

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How many hardlink trades?

My personal philosophy on hardlinks is that one of the most important things is link velocity.  That means the pace you add in bounds.  What you don’t want to do is get 100 in bounds on a new site.  In fact you probably never really need that many.

With a new site.  My preference is about 10 to start with.  Then one a week.  Or one every 2 weeks.  Keep in mind if you add a page to your site you are creating an inbound link.  So that can count as your one.  You want your inbound links to be from different places.  When your site is new and you have little traffic.  That is not a time when you want a high PR inbound or an inbound that runs on every page on the domain.  Start small and gradually add links.  If you start with 100.  You need to have the traffic to the site to justify that many inbound links.  And you are going to want to continue at that pace.

I really believe the key is to get 10 in bounds from 10 different webmasters who are on 10 different c-classes.  Who have 10 different types of sites.  Meaning if you get 10 blog links.  They should not be from a blog using the same theme.  Google likes random. While I prefer a<b<c<d trades.  It’s ok to do a few a<b trades and a few a<b<c trades.

So my biggest 2 tips on a new site.  Start off gradually.  And get links from different places.

I would love to sell you a 100 link package.  But if you have a new site with little traffic that is just not going to help you rank.

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How To Find A Good Keyword


The one mistake I have made a few times when researching a keyword is going onto google keyword tool and doing searches on broad results not exact.  I generally look for keywords that get at least 10,000 hits per month.  But be sure the exact keyword isn’t 300 per month when you see a broad result of 50,000 searches per month it can result in very few exact matches.  The other thing I look for is how many pages am I competing with.  If you see results that are long tail urls not root domains for a bunch of the results most of the time you can grab that spot.  Seeing youtube videos for example is a sign that the keyword is not competitive.  If you can build a site that provides content that matches and a sponsor that has that exact content you will do well even with only 10,000 searches per month.


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Panda 2.2

Well I have seen some bad with Panda 2.2 the problem is that it’s geared to providing less authority to sites that scrap.  Scrap meaning they copy the content from other sites.  AKA agitator.  The problem is a lot of the guys I work with for SEO are tube sites and what goes on with the tubes that accept submissions is that people who submit new videos daily submit those videos to 100 sites so you have duplicated content.  There really is no way for Google to know who went first. One of my favorite tube sites Hard Sex Tube which adds a few hundred new videos a day that are user submitted did ok after panda V1 but got a spank after 2.2.  It’s really not their fault. They have tons of quality content. But when I randomly pick a video and do a search I get 10 results of the same thing.  I’m not sure the solution.  Maybe if they had users submit a few versions of their title and then randomly picked one that might help. Not sure a guy who submits videos to 100 sites can actually write 100 different descriptions.  One thing is for sure it will decrease the dominance of tube sites coming up for all the long tails.

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Just for the record post panda I took a more aggressive approach to seo on my own network.  When I say aggressive I mean I have been designing new sites with SEO in mind rather than building out a network to provide hardlinks.  Over the last two years my blog network was designed to sell hardlinks. I noticed after panda most of my serps increased.  The reason I believe is that because I sell hardlinks as my main focus in my business plan everything was always hand written. I did this not because I wanted too but because the people buying links preferred original sites instead of morphed splogs. If you got slapped by google.  Rewrite the copy on your domain so that everything is original.  Look to be sure you are not duplicating 4 word combinations.  you can do this via copy scap if you really want to be anal.

The single best way to SEO your site is too have original content.  Resize images and videos. Change titles and descriptions so they are unique.  And then get some inbound links.   Note on new sites add in bounds very gradually.  It doesn’t take too many if you do things right to get to the top of google.

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How much search engine traffic can I get

Find a keyword.  Then go to the google keyword tool and it will tell you how many searches that keyword gets per month.   Then be sure your description meta tag is good.  149 characters long is ideal for google.  Be sure the description you use is interesting for that search term.  You want the surfer to click your site over the other sites that come up with you.  If you are #1 you are going to get a lot more traffic than if you are number 10.

Here is a graph my buddy emailed me and I have looked at my serps and determined that it is actually pretty acurate.

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Porn Keywords

It’s a fact Porn is one of the most searched terms on the internet.  If you can rank for the word porn you are going to get a ton of traffic.  But if you can rank for Teen Porn that’s also going to be good.  It’s more specific.  If your site has teens then you will do well.  If you have a lot of 25 year old models. Your site might have a high bounce rate.  And google knows if people hit the back button and surf the next site in the list.  So a good keyword is one that matches your content. 2) Has a lot of searches.  you can use the google keyword tool to find out how many searches the keyword has per month.  You want to weigh the amount of searches and the amount of competition.  If you see a lot of long url in the results that keyword wont be as competitive.  3) How many pages are indexed for that term. go to google and searc hthe keyword it will tell you how many pages they have indexed for that term.

My rule is more than 10,000 searches per month. Less than 1 Million pages.  Less than 3 top level domains coming up number one.  If you search a keyword and 5 of the 10 results are dot com domains not long subpage urls it’s going to be tough.

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