Porn Keywords

It’s a fact Porn is one of the most searched terms on the internet.  If you can rank for the word porn you are going to get a ton of traffic.  But if you can rank for Teen Porn that’s also going to be good.  It’s more specific.  If your site has teens then you will do well.  If you have a lot of 25 year old models. Your site might have a high bounce rate.  And google knows if people hit the back button and surf the next site in the list.  So a good keyword is one that matches your content. 2) Has a lot of searches.  you can use the google keyword tool to find out how many searches the keyword has per month.  You want to weigh the amount of searches and the amount of competition.  If you see a lot of long url in the results that keyword wont be as competitive.  3) How many pages are indexed for that term. go to google and searc hthe keyword it will tell you how many pages they have indexed for that term.

My rule is more than 10,000 searches per month. Less than 1 Million pages.  Less than 3 top level domains coming up number one.  If you search a keyword and 5 of the 10 results are dot com domains not long subpage urls it’s going to be tough.

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