Just for the record post panda I took a more aggressive approach to seo on my own network.  When I say aggressive I mean I have been designing new sites with SEO in mind rather than building out a network to provide hardlinks.  Over the last two years my blog network was designed to sell hardlinks. I noticed after panda most of my serps increased.  The reason I believe is that because I sell hardlinks as my main focus in my business plan everything was always hand written. I did this not because I wanted too but because the people buying links preferred original sites instead of morphed splogs. If you got slapped by google.  Rewrite the copy on your domain so that everything is original.  Look to be sure you are not duplicating 4 word combinations.  you can do this via copy scap if you really want to be anal.

The single best way to SEO your site is too have original content.  Resize images and videos. Change titles and descriptions so they are unique.  And then get some inbound links.   Note on new sites add in bounds very gradually.  It doesn’t take too many if you do things right to get to the top of google.

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