Panda 2.2

Well I have seen some bad with Panda 2.2 the problem is that it’s geared to providing less authority to sites that scrap.  Scrap meaning they copy the content from other sites.  AKA agitator.  The problem is a lot of the guys I work with for SEO are tube sites and what goes on with the tubes that accept submissions is that people who submit new videos daily submit those videos to 100 sites so you have duplicated content.  There really is no way for Google to know who went first. One of my favorite tube sites Hard Sex Tube which adds a few hundred new videos a day that are user submitted did ok after panda V1 but got a spank after 2.2.  It’s really not their fault. They have tons of quality content. But when I randomly pick a video and do a search I get 10 results of the same thing.  I’m not sure the solution.  Maybe if they had users submit a few versions of their title and then randomly picked one that might help. Not sure a guy who submits videos to 100 sites can actually write 100 different descriptions.  One thing is for sure it will decrease the dominance of tube sites coming up for all the long tails.

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