How many hardlink trades?

My personal philosophy on hardlinks is that one of the most important things is link velocity.  That means the pace you add in bounds.  What you don’t want to do is get 100 in bounds on a new site.  In fact you probably never really need that many.

With a new site.  My preference is about 10 to start with.  Then one a week.  Or one every 2 weeks.  Keep in mind if you add a page to your site you are creating an inbound link.  So that can count as your one.  You want your inbound links to be from different places.  When your site is new and you have little traffic.  That is not a time when you want a high PR inbound or an inbound that runs on every page on the domain.  Start small and gradually add links.  If you start with 100.  You need to have the traffic to the site to justify that many inbound links.  And you are going to want to continue at that pace.

I really believe the key is to get 10 in bounds from 10 different webmasters who are on 10 different c-classes.  Who have 10 different types of sites.  Meaning if you get 10 blog links.  They should not be from a blog using the same theme.  Google likes random. While I prefer a<b<c<d trades.  It’s ok to do a few a<b trades and a few a<b<c trades.

So my biggest 2 tips on a new site.  Start off gradually.  And get links from different places.

I would love to sell you a 100 link package.  But if you have a new site with little traffic that is just not going to help you rank.

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