SEO Facts

I still believe with post panda the most important thing is inbound links.  The quality of those links are very important. In my mind the alexa rank is my preferred metric to determine quality of an inbound link. Number of inbounds to the site linking to you followed by the quality of the content on the site. I wish I had a better way to test this and put a quantitative number on these 3 factors.  But this is just my personal gut instict.

The average top 3 site has 2300 words. So blogs with 10 posts of 100 words each is not good seo.

Keyword in the title is important but keyword meta tags are not.

Description metatags are very important because second only to title because you want your CTR – click through  rate to be high on your listings. Title seems to get you higher ctr along with a great description that get people clicking.

Bounce rate and time on site is important as well as how deep they surf through your site.  This is becoming increasingly important.

Some of my personal opinions updating your site is important.  The average blog updates once per month. Updating should be done at various times.  Not every Monday.

Duplicate content is the first filter to hurt your ranking. I believe a site that has poor layout and tough user navigation is another issue that is affecting filters.  The biggest filter trigger to hurt rankings is too many ads that hurt the surfers ability to actually gain knowledge from your site.  Sprinkle in those google ad words and I believe you will see bad things.  You need to think about the user experience to do good seo.  Offer quality content.  Get users to bookmark your site and return.  This will help your rankings.

Keyword density should be under 0.5%  Don’t use the keyword too much.  Just use it when needed to present your content.

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