I almost hate to post this on the open internets.  Someone made a post about it on GFY last week and I commented and thought twice about it before I did.  but TGP sites tend to generate more seo traffic than blogs.  In fact my guess is that tube sites are probably the only type of site that will generate more seo traffic than a tgp if done right.  But the question is why would that be?  I believe the answer is simple and logical.  They have tons of content and update daily. But  the real reason I think is


1) Low bounce rate

2) High amount of bookmarkers

3) high traffic levels

My tgps sites are all made with smart thumbs and use FHG.  I bulk import them with alt tags.  And I always tweak them until I see at least a 200% prod from search engine traffic.  The sites that seem to get a lot of search engine traffic tend to have over 5000 hits day.  That’s the pattern I see with them.  Elements of tgp sites that blogs just can’t compete with unless you have a massive really cool blog.

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