How To Get Good SEO on Adult Sites

A know a lot of seo guys in adult either are tube owners or bloggers.  A friend of mine has recently come to conclusion that submitting tgp galleries is no longer worth the effort.  He used to make really great money doing that and its been a slow death.  So his new thing is to build a ton of blogs.  He wants 1000 to 2000 blogs.  He came to the conclusion because he had some perfectly designed static sites that are ranking well on the google and he was seeing this mini network of sites slowly become a bigger percentage of his income.  I think one issue in his plan is that he felt if it works I just need to duplicate it.  So he hired a guy to blog for him.  While I will admit that he does have this guy making nice blogs, I think his success rate will be lower using this strategy.  The bottom line any good top spot for an adult site will make you money.  When I say money even a low searched keyword if it is above the fold will make a sale a year.  If you have a good keyword and a good site selling something decent you might see one sale month.  So the question is can you get 1000 sites listed on google above the fold.  I’m going to tell you that it’s not likely if you simply mass create sites.  When I say decent product to sell that really means that the paysite functions.  It processes and tracks sales.  Keep in mind that a lot of sites I dont sell.  I don’t think its cheating as much as technical issues in processing the affiliate sales.


So how do you get good seo on adult sites.  Step one find a good keyword.  Remember you don’t want to go after a keyword that is very competitive.  And you dont want to go after a keyword that gets very little searches.  I have seen some success with 1000 or 2000 exact searches month when ranked one or two.  But these domains also had the corresponding keyword for the domain name with a dotcom, dotnet or dotorg.  If you put a site together with  10 posts.  100 unique words per post and do some inbound links.  The key to solidify the position is to watch once it gets on page one or two of the results.  You start adding additional posts.  These should be the best images.  The kind of stuff that will sell.  I usually think of the first 10 posts as filler.  Then I do things at random.  2 new posts.  Then wait a few days do another posts.  Then the following week I’ll do another post.  Add some additional content.   The other issue I see with solidifying that position is having a low bounce rate on the site. Add more posts and more inbounds until you get to that top position or #2.  Good seo for a site really means lots of content for the spider to index.  The other issue I see is that the site has a low keyword density.  under 2%.  Do not keyword stuff your content.  when I make posts I try to find good keywords for the post title.  You can get some additional long tail.  But having your keyword in those titles does seem to help position.  Remember 80% of SEO is inbound links.   The panda stuff is really looking to get rid of duplicate content.  They are just running a filter over the results to get rid of duplicated content. With these mini blogs it’s tough to say how many updates you need.  But if you are going after a low searched low competition keyword you probably can create and forget and be okay.  The issue seems to be more about the inbounds and who you are competing with.  If you can get a ton of traffic to your blog it would be worth your time to continue to add quality content.  I have seen large blogs with thousands of quality posts get a boat load of traffic.  But that is only when the content is unique.  The industry attitude seems to be blogs should be create and move on.  Not always the best strategy but the only way to go if time is a factor.

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