Panda Update

I spend a lot of time testing seo and reading about panda.  There was a panda update.  In fact there have been a lot of panda updates.  Panda is just a filter they are running over the results.  The filter stays for 30 days.  Google constantly updates their results trying to offer better results to their users.  The key to panda is not to worry about any specific update but to make sure your site has unique content.  If you copied it from some place else you will get the panda karate chop.  Delete all scrapped content and add new fresh content and find a few new link partners that have nice sites to link back to you and you will be ok with panda.  The key is offering something of quality for google to index.  With blogs a lot of people typically have blogs with 10 posts and then wonder why it’s not ranked when all the illegal tube sites are ranked above them.  The reason is simple there is a lot of quality content on those tube sites and they are adding massive amounts of inbound links.  Start with quality on your site.

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