How to know if a hardlink is good

The best way to determine if a hardlink is good is to look up the sites alexa rank. If the rank is 10 million that site is not going to give you much link juice.  Take a look at the site.  Does the title of the site match the content?  Then search on google and see what the domains position is on google for that keyword.  If the site is #1 for that keyword that is going to be an authority site and a high quality link.  The last thing is to look at the site.  Is there a lot of quality content.  Is the content useful and unique?

I have a lot of sites ask me SEO questions.  Why is my google traffic down?  Usually all I need to do is pick one or two random pages on their site and search google.  If the result is 10 pages with the same long tail with the same content I know why traffic is down.  It’s because there is duplicate content and google thinks the site is less important because the content is not unique.  On the other hand if the site has a load of bookmarkers thats going to be a good link.  Even if other sites are scraping and replicating the content on that site.  So to answer this question is you must understand that it’s an art not a science. There is no specific formula to determine if a hardlink is good.

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do I need hardlinks

Yes of course you need hardlinks.  This is not cheating.   The only known fact about google and how they rank sites is that the more inbound links you have to your site the better you will do.  There has always been a focus on relevant inbound links.   I think some people take this to an extreme.  If you have an adult site and adult site is relevant.  If you have a site about movies you don’t need a movie in the same genre you just need an entertainment site linking to you.  movie sites don’t want links from pay day loans.  If you have a big boob site it doesn’t mean you only need links from other big boob sites.

The exception to this rule is that if your site is specifically Amateur Milfs.  That is your keyword.  I would put more important on getting links from sites that match that keyword.  But any amateur site is good.  Even amateur teen would be fine.  If you can find a domain that has the keyword in it.  That is going to be the most relevant.  But you are going to need more links. Even if every amateur milf site on the internet linked to you.  That probably would not be good.  Google likes variety.  Here is my tip with hardlinks.  Do not do a set number of inbound links per day.  Even if you do one inbound per week.  That is fine just dont do it every monday.  And skip a week or two.  Some weeks add more than one in bound.  You want to do things at random. I promise you that if you put up a new site and add 100 inbound links and then never add any inbound links you will see bad things.  Sure once in a while it might work but overall that is black hat.  Don’t do it.  If your keyword is competitive and your inbounds are low quality 100 links will not get you results.  If you have good quality inbounds and an easy keyword it could work.

Page rank is not a good measure of the quality of a link.  The amount of traffic and the amount of content on a site is a much better measure of the quality of the link.  If you have a new site.  Getting an inbound from a small low traffic site with a small amount of content is find.  It probably matches your site better anyway if your new.


The main point about hardlinks is that if no one links to you.  Your site probably sucks and isn’t worth getting indexed by google.  The better your site the  more inbounds your site is going to have.  So if you have a great site you are probably going to want a lot of inbounds.   Traffic to your site is never bad so do what ever you can to generate traffic to your site.  The more traffic the better your rank.  Hardlinks will send you traffic.

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What is SEO

Seo – Search Engine Optimization.  In the past I used to tell people that 20% is what is on your page and 80% is inbound links.  Really the main task for a qualified SEO specialist is to get you quality inbound hardlinks  to your site.  Post panda I feel that on board optimization is more important.  But you don’t need a SEO guy to tweak your site.  You need a sitemap, meta tags and quality content.  Keyword density on google isn’t as much do you have enough but do you have too much.  Keep your keyword density under 2%.  The key to seo is getting quality inbound links and having quality content on your site.  Quality meaning you want to provide a load of information on what ever topic your site is about. It’s really simple.  Also simple intuitive navigation.

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Black Hat SEO

For a long time I wondered what they mean when they say black hat.  I assumed it was bad because they call it bad.  It’s the outlaw of SEO.  Basically it’s trying to cheat to get high ranks.  I am here to tell you that it works.  But sometimes it also doesn’t work.  I want to present the idea to you that its actually easier to do it right than do it the outlaw way.  Google isn’t the enemy.  Google is our friend.  60 percent of online searches are done from google.  Google wants to provide quality to it’s users.  It’s really very simple.

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